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If there is something unattractive for property owners, that’s definitely a metal roof. They are used to see dull panels that look nothing but like a piece of metal placed on the top of the property. Technically, it is since we are talking about panels, shingles, or tiles made of metal and a roof available to place them. Now, taking back what we were just saying here is a question, are you sure they can look dull and plain only?

The problem with the metal roof people is used to see is that they are quite basic and plain due to how the property owner wanted it. Most commercial properties only care about having a roofing system that will resist the rain, snow, and will not leave them under the scorching sun of Florida. Of course, there are a few exceptions when we include restaurants and commercial properties that are open to the public.

But overall, you do not see stunning roofs installed in factories, industries, and similar buildings. Now, what if we tell you that the same usual metal roof that is installed in those buildings can look stunning as well? It is all about the choices you make about the specific material, color, paint, coating, and every small addition that can be included in the panel or shingle.

Corrugated Metal Roof-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Sunrise

That being said, the common metal roof used for those places is corrugated panels. Those panels are quite affordable for any commercial property owner, which is why people love them in terms of cost or price. When it comes to the designs and styles you can obtain with them, residential owners started to discover not long ago that it is possible to have a stunning roof with them.

Imagine the gray panel that looks boring on top of the commercial building and let’s suppose you paint it green or red; it changes a lot with this only, right? Of course, this is one of those cases where people need to see instead of just imagining how it will look, but here is the thing: it is not hard to know how it will look with just a bit of creativity. Focusing on the main topic, corrugated metal roofs can offer you different designs according to the paint and coating you use. They are simple since they do not have a huge feature that distinguishes them from the rest.

Among all the metal roofing systems available, it is probably the one we can call ‘plain’ but this is nothing more but a word to describe it compared to others. That being said, what is there to love about it? You already know it can get beautiful, but is it actually worth the trouble? Every metal roof offers two benefits no one can deny: durability and longevity. Commercial buildings and their owners are always looking for roofs that can meet those two requirements, and they find it a lot in corrugated metal.

Therefore, if you decide to install it, you will end up with a roof that not only looks good but can also last for over 50 years and will not give you many troubles when it comes to repairs and similar needs. We know that if you own a commercial property, you will definitely go for this option without thinking about it twice. But as a homeowner myself, I know you have your doubts about the result you can get for your home or residential building.

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Is it a good option for residential owners?

Absolutely. To get deeper into this aspect, you must remember the previous benefits of corrugated roofs. Besides durability and longevity, its low-cost and unique look makes people take it from the bottom of the list of options to the top right away.

To be honest, it is hard to find a roofing system that can offer amazing benefits like the previous one, at a price that will not leave your bank account empty. Therefore, wouldn’t you take the option if you knew it is not bad but rather the opposite? The best part is that to make the roof look exactly as you want it with all the paint and coating, you do not have to spend more. Right now, most companies in this industry offer the corrugated panels with everything applied.

Keep in mind the coating is not only to boost the appearance of the roof but also its durability and longevity. The coating layers that every panel has had their functions, like reducing the noise, making it fire resistant, more durable to certain weather, and more. Since this is basic for the longevity of the roof, do not expect to be charged extra for some additions. At least, in our company Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Sunrise, we do not charge for it.

Whenever you are planning to go for corrugated metal roofs for your residential or commercial properties, make sure to contact us. We are one of the few experienced and qualified metal roofing companies in Sunrise and the entire Broward County. We will help you to learn everything about the corrugated roof and why it is the best option for any commercial and even residential owner. That being said, is there something to point out here and now about those roofing systems? Definitely.

Whenever you are going to choose the material, keep in mind metal roofs offer you 4 different ones: aluminum, copper, zinc, and steel. Depending on the one you choose, you will get more or fewer options when it comes to profiles and colors. Also, the price will vary since copper and zinc are considered premium options in the metal roofing industry. Now, you do not have to choose them if you don’t want to.

Aluminum and steel are stunning and amazing in every possible way, and your corrugated roof will be more than incredible if you choose any of them plus the right coating. For all this, our contractors will be available to guide you to make the right decisions and deal with the installation later on. We can also help you to repair or perform maintenance on an existing corrugated roof on your property.

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